Wednesday, June 8, 2011

welcome, summer

ok.  technically, it is not summer.

but school is out.

the sun finally showed up.

and, although we've never felt more scholarly...

we're going to go ahead and call it.

it's summer.

today, to mark our first day of vacation, i made the "big, pink cake" that i promised jacob.

dear summer, make a wish

admittedly, it's lacking in aesthetics.  but it made up for its homeliness with handfuls of chocolate goodness (handfuls is accurate because lucas and i ignored our forks).  

jacob sang a modified birthday song and cut the cake when i wasn't looking.  isaac ate his entire piece within seconds.  and lucas basically re-enacted his first birthday, including getting cake in his nose.  


isaac, wishing i would take the picture already
lucas, ditto isaac

cake + kids + sun + free(ish) time = welcome, summer.  

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