Tuesday, June 14, 2011

profile: isaac

it has become necessary to record some recent notes about isaac.  why?  

reason 1:  he seems to be undergoing some kind of personality-growth spurt.

reason 2:  he finally fell asleep tonight after shouting, "i hate this family!"  and it broke my heart a bit.  

passionate declarations of all types are isaac-trademarks.  sometimes, the context is clear.  other times, like earlier today when he said,

"i cannot push people in holes!  in deep holes!"

it is less so.

one thing is for certain.  he has strong feelings that intersect sharply with a flair for the dramatic.  

also certain, his appearance on "inside the actor's studio" will be riveting.  

although i enjoy most of isaac's performance moments, his leading-man roles are the funniest, and most endearing.  

scene 1:  isaac takes my hand while riding in the car, nuzzles his face against my arm and says,

"i love having a crush on you."

scene 2:  isaac taps a tutor on the shoulder, and says,

"this little kangaroo is looking at you, holly."

holly:  "what little kangaroo?"

isaac smirks and hops up and down.  (seriously no idea where/how he came up with that...)

when not trying out pick-up lines, isaac likes to tell jokes and ask a lot of questions.

today's questions were tricky ones, like:

"what am i smelling right now?"


"why is that baby crying very far away from here?"

many of isaac's jokes are the result of accidents, or like a couple of weeks ago, serious questions...

isaac:  is soap disgusting?

me:  what?!?!  no!  soap is good!  

isaac (unmoved):  well, it's disgusting when you eat it.

and, you know, that seemed inarguable.  

also inarguable, i love having a crush on that kid.

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