Thursday, July 29, 2010

thursday's stats

after downing an entire icee, anything seems like a good idea...even black nails.

1 viewing of goonies - providing 1 quote i hope to erase from isaac's memory

2 aching shoulders and bandaged fingers - thank you to the makers of the slip n' slide and my lack of spacial awareness

3 sleeping kids and loads of laundry - 3 scrubbed faces, a day's worth of angst, 1 dollar, 1 dime, and a 30+ year old teddy bear are all tucked in for what one hopes will be at least 8 hours... and the washer and dryer are still going

4 devoured vanilla scones, or "scrums", according to isaac - sometimes love is dipped in icing and flecked with vanilla bean

5 AM the hour that lucas woke up and began to wander the hall - "pee pee potty pee pee potty..."

6 chores being neglected - dishes, folding, blah, blah, blah...
7 episodes of backyardigans, including one in french... all regrettable - dvd for sale

8 dollars left on my itunes gift card - shouldn't milli vanilli be free?

9 reminders to "flush, and wash hands" - 1 timeout after someone screamed "no!"

10 chipped toenails - 10PM pedicure

Monday, July 19, 2010

a tooth fairy fan letter

dear tooth fairy,

how are you? how is your family? did you have a good weekend? we're fine. no, no. isaac hasn't lost another tooth since saturday. and, before that, thursday.

i hope we haven't exhausted you. but fear we might have. when i think about you lugging that last transformer... your little wings weighted down by what must have been exponentially heavier than your fairy-daintiness... my heart cries out a little. can you hear it with your tiny pointed ears?!?!?

then, i remember. of course! your tooth-shaped chariot! sure, you ripped off the idea from king triton, but making it tooth-shaped was all your idea. and you are an innovator, to be sure. also, i think that perhaps, like ants, you can lift things hundreds of times your size. am i onto something, here?

ok. enough about the logistics. as a long-time fan, i want to continue to pledge my devotion and adoration. you are a glittery wonder. each time you attempt to pry that little tooth in the ziploc baggie out of a snoring isaac's hand, and then have to give up and come back 30 minutes later. or, hover breathlessly over jacob's pillow and reach for what feels like forever to retrieve a pearly incisor. and then, finally, when you "transform" those little gnashers into tooth shaped notes, directing their recipients to a secret hiding place for a treat, my heart thrills. and i remember why i love you.

so, please forgive us for requiring you to work overtime this past week. (would it kill anyone to institute a "leave some cookies for the tooth fairy" custom?) we just can't seem to get enough of you, or rattle our remaining baby teeth out of our heads fast enough to keep you showing up night after night. we'll try to reign in our enthusiasm...

steph blackard

p.s. you used to know me as steffie. and i still remember the glittery footprints you left from my pillow to my bedroom window. (so awesome!!!) i think the policies must have changed on that one. new management?

p.p.s. as a head's up, isaac is working on another one and declared it "pretty wiggly".

one of my favorite, recent tooth fairy moments (6-18-10): the tooth note reclining on a ten dollar chaise lounge with an umbrella for jacob. in spite of bucking the leaving an actual treat tradition, jacob seemed pretty thrilled with his surprise.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

great expectations

if you don't think that sometimes the expectation of something is just as good, if not better, that the actual delivery. you have:

a. never ordered take-out

b. never bought shoes online

c. never seen this photo of lucas, waiting for fireworks...

we had a very nice fourth of july. little bit of sleeping in. quick visit with k and her family before their vacation departure. (so sad. i had a lump in my throat when we left. that might make me slightly pathetic.) bbq chicken, mound of potato salad, corn on the cob and strawberry shortcake with ragain's parents. watched fireworks in old roseville with the same sweet family who hosted us last year. we thanked them by breaking a glow stick and spilling it all over their blanket. see you next fourth!!(?)