Tuesday, April 19, 2011

spring break 2011: the beginning

it is spring break.  and...

we.  are.  thrilled.

the first thing i heard when i opened isaac and jacob's door yesterday morning was,

"spring break cancun, yeah!!!!"

and, though we have no actual plans involving cancun, we do have quite an agenda:

sky zone -  isaac
fiji -  isaac
make bow ties -  me
make shocka-suit for the shockaroo -  isaac
miniature golf -  jacob
park -  jacob

some of these will be easier to accomplish than others.  and one of them, we just completed yesterday.

(ragain and lucas have yet to submit their wishes.)

i feel relieved to have all 3 boys at home.  even though, we had a rough 45 minutes or so, last night.  

it's 9:30 AM, and we're still in our pajamas.  we have an egg hunt this afternoon.  and we have blueberry coconut cheesecake bars in the fridge.  

practically paradise.   


  1. if you make fiji happen, i'd like to be a nanny candidate! if not, we'd love to crash your bowling party if you are open to party crashers. i'd recommend staying in your pajamas as long as possible and enjoy those blueberry coconut cheesecake delights!

  2. i will be thinking about those blueberry coconut cheesecake bars for the rest of the night... Maybe a good part of tomorrow, too. Do you have a recipe to share? Glad you and the boys have such fun plans for the break!

  3. k- if fiji happens, we will have won the lottery. and in that case, you + your whole family will have to come with us, because it just wouldn't be a tropical vacation otherwise. as far as bowling, it's a definite date! let's see if i can keep from falling down this time. (we won't count on it.) and, i'm pretty sure i can make those blueberry coconut cheesecake bars gluten-free, if i just put my mind to it... what do you say?

    stacey- i'm sorry (happy?) to have given you cheesecake bar daydreams all day. i will certainly pass on the recipe (i'll send it in email) and you will have to tell me if you love them as much as i do. hope you guys are enjoying your spring break, too!

  4. i say lets start playing the lottery, until we win i'll dust off my bowling shoes and count me in as your gluten free taste tester!